Liquivite, CKD, Liquid Cat Food x4 200g, Recommended By Vets, FAST & FREE UK DELIVERY

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Liquivite Is Also Suitable For Pets with Chronic Kidney Disease

Although Liquivite is not specifically designed for use as just a Renal Diet it is however in our findings quite useful for both Cats & Dogs suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) previously known as Chronic Renal Failure(CRF).
The symptoms of Pets with this condition can almost go un noticed in the early stages and can be managed partly through diet.  As an example, this liquid diet food can help cats beat dehydration, as their main source of water intake is from food itself.  Also add to this the low protein level and higher fat level which is completely necessary for pets with CKD.
With cats, you can happily introduce 100g per kg of their body weight and increase it by 50% when the appetite returns.  This makes these smaller 200g tins ideal and the same amount can be introduced for smaller breeds of dogs, 80g for medium breeds and 60g for larger breeds.  Further full directions and information can be found on the packaging.
The Phosphorus level also needs to be low, and Liquivite’s, on a Dry Matter basis is only 0.75% and is also supplemented with Vitamin B group at significant levels.
Liquivite is also in the form of a tasty chicken soup and comes as a canned liquid food.  It both feeds and rehydrates sick, convalescent, anorexic or post-operative cats/animals.  It also assists cats which wont take, or cannot tolerate solids or liquid drinks.  Liquivite is smooth enough for syringe feeding, which is ideal when appetite is absent and readily consumed as the appetite returns. 
Key Benefits:
* Liquivite can be frozen
* Levels of vitamins and minerals meet the requirements of the cat when under stress conditions.
* The meats, eggs,milk and yeast provide a balanced amino acid profile in a readily assimilated peptide form.  The yeast also contributes B vitamins content and is a source of nucleotides.
* Fish Oils provide omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, important to the immune system.
* The natural anti-oxidant has a two-fold role, firstly preserving the food against fat oxidation, and then once absorbed, act in the animal’s body to protect it against free radicals.
* The pre-biotic, Profeed, promotes the beneficial bacterial population of the intestine.
* Cereals, poorly utilised by cats, are not included in Liquivite.
* Of the copper inclusion, 30% is chelated, to make it more available to the animal.
* Taurine is added, which is particularly important in perfecting eyesight in cats.
Chicken meat, chicken liver, dried egg powder, skimmed milk powder, fish oil, guar gum, minerals, fructo-oligosaccharide, yeast.
Additives – Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3 250UI/Kg
Copper 1.5mg/Kg
Iron 10mg/Kg
Zinc 14mg/Kg
Selenium 0.025mg/Kg
Technological Additives: 
Pentasodium triphosphate 0.2%
Analytical Constituents:
Protein 4.5%
Fat 5.0%
Crude ash 1.0%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Moisture 90.0%
Inclusion rates, Dry Matter
Profeed  pre-biotic 1.0%
Yeast 1.0%
Natural anti-oxidant
(Rosemary/tocopherol) 0.4%
Omega 6:omega 3 ratio is 5:1
Total omega 3 = 0.97%, of which DHA and EPA are 0.78%

*Please contact us directly for our International Delivery Costs available if your Country or Location is unavailable and we will then advise you as to whether or not this particular item listed can be sent this way.

*Please contact us directly for our International Delivery Costs available and we will then advise you as to whether or not this particular item listed can be sent this way.

The item listed includes FREE UK DELIVERY only.

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Liquivite, CKD, Liquid Cat Food x4 200g, Recommended By Vets, FAST & FREE UK DELIVERY 3 Z



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