Sputnik For Racing Pigeon Loft Made With Quality Timber & Polycarbonate 35″ with FREE UK Delivery

Made To Order & enclosed with 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate.

These come with a Sliding down panel to cover the entry to our Sputnik and have a drop-down release door, which is hinged, under a rigid landing board (untreated).

Manufactured in quality Birch plywood and redwood timber with polycarbonate sheeting which is far superior and less likely to break than the plexiglass/acrylic panels commonly used on Continental Sputniks. As the exposed timber e.g the landing board is untreated, we would always highly recommend that it is completely treated (all sides) for weatherproofing.  This small part just literally needs painting over with a quality weatherproof coating(Sadolin), that’s all, takes just 2 minutes to do.

ALL of our Timber & Polycarbonate Sputnik’s have a depth of 19 1/4″ & the height is 25”

In this particular listing we are offering the following width size:

35” w only £162.99

Here at SRP PETS® ALL of our Quality Sputniks are made to order in the workshop and then once complete they shipped to you by courier in self-assembly form.


(Other Sizes Are Also Available)


Delivery Information:

We are currently offering these in self-assembly form only to qualify for our FREE UK DELIVERY

Orders for goods that also must be manufactured in our workshop may normally be dispatched within 15-21 working days.  This waiting time can vary in our very busy Racing Pigeon Seasonal period between the months September and through to the following April.

Please note the FREE UK DELIVERY is if goods are shipped in self assembly form, which incur lower carriage charges than the assembled form.  The FREE UK DELIVERY is also based on the weight of just x1 Sputnik.  We can offer you the choice of both formats, but extra charges will apply if you wish these to come fully assembled. 

This is however not something in our experience that we would ever recommend that you do.  Being that when your assembled goods are then handed over to the hands of the couriers for transportation and delivery, by you then choosing the fully assembled option means it is then out of our control and the handling of your item(s).  Please note these are very easy to put together, it takes approximately just 15 minutes to do and full instructions can be given if necessary.

*Please contact us directly for our International Delivery Costs if your Country or Location doesn’t appear.


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SRP PETS®Sputnik For Racing Pigeon Loft 35"- FREE UK Delivery- Quality Timber & Polycarbonate 3 Z

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SRP PETS®Sputnik For Racing Pigeon Loft 35"- FREE UK Delivery- Quality Timber & Polycarbonate 4 Racing Pigeons

How To Report & Help A Lost Race / Fancy / Homing Pigeon 

There are many websites that can offer help and advice if a pigeon is found, and by you getting in contact with someone like ourselves then we can help you negotiate the newly found pigeon in finding its way back home to safety. If the pigeon you have found looks like a fancy pigeon, or possibly one with unusual markings, it’s body shape for example, then the chances are it’s highly likely that it came from your very own neighborhood.

Fancy pigeons do not generally fly great distances like a homing pigeon might. If a homing pigeon is found on your doorstep, in your garden, the backyard or anywhere on the street, then it might have come from several hundred miles away. Sometimes homing pigeons become confused or lost due to a variety of issues, including poor training, lengthy test flights, and altered surroundings. The pigeon that you have found should have a leg band, as this is fairly typical in pigeon breeding.

PLEASE PLEASE remember that the pigeon will be very frightened but his/her survival depends on someone’s kindness like yourself at this point. While he/she might run from you initially, like many found pigeons they will look to a human they deem as safe for assistance.

A found pigeon without a leg band is most likely wild, although a few have been reported to be overtly friendly, human-oriented, and lacking a display of flight skills, which can indicate a rare but untagged pigeon.  If the pigeon found is wild, contact a rescue society that deals in rehabilitation rather than the humane league who is more likely to euthanize it than expend resources to return the pigeon to the wild.

Provide the pigeon that you have found with some clean fresh water as soon as possible. Dehydration is a great risk to lost pigeons. You are going to need to provide him/her with some food as well, but water immediately is paramount.

Your second step is to the Pigeon with a place where they can rest, be safe, receive ventilation, and receive natural light (but not baking through the glass of a window) and out of drafts.  A cardboard box can fit the bill here but be sure not to close the top of the box.

Be sure that your frightened found pigeon has plenty of ample room to move around, that it is safe from other curious household pets which may be present along with small children and that the pigeon is not exposed to secondhand smoke. Additionally, place an open cover over the top of the box in order to keep the little guy feeling safe but allowing him/her enough light for its usual activities.

Your newly found Pigeon might also not want a lot of contact with you physically because they are so scared and disoriented, but talking to him/her in a soothing voice and preventing those in the home from yelling or screaming can help the pigeon to come around much faster.

If you can’t place the bird safely in a room where they can hear soothing voices and be close to you, then place him/her in a quiet room where they won’t be disturbed. It’s better if they can hear a little activity unless that activity is completely chaotic. Food is essential and you can not feed a found pigeon leftovers. Ideally, you need to grab a commercial mix of food that’s suitable for pigeons from a local nearby store or a neighbor if they have some.

The pigeon needs to eat within a couple of hours of being found, so make sure you don’t wait too long before getting him/her some food. Found pigeons have leg bands that mark their identity.

Each tag is registered with a national pigeon association to help it find its owner in just such cases like this. Sometimes you can simply enter the tag ID into Google and you can bring back a direct hit. In other cases, you will have to search out the tag ID with each individual website. While it may seem like a lot of effort to reunite a pigeon with its owner, you must remember that you are saving a life and your kindness means the world to the little-found pigeon in the box. Be Sociable, Share, Tweet!

If this is all too much for you please either email us on with full details about the lost pigeon, including its full ID ring number and year/age of bird which will be on the ring. We will then report the pigeon for you to the correct Pigeon Owner and who will then arrange to have the pigeon collected from you as soon as its possible to do so.

Please also feel free to contact us here at SRP PETS® by clicking on either our live chat button or perhaps our contact us page and we will be happy to try and help you in any way that we possibly can.

We are pleased that you have taken some time out also by reading ALL of the guidance above, & we would like to personally thank you for your love/protection & for looking out also for our Pigeon Family.